31. Technology – Dementia Australia

Ears that hear and eyes that see – the Lord has made them both (Proverbs 20:12).


DA - Every 3 seconds

It is impossible to fully understand what it is like to be living with dementia. We can learn to see more clearly with our eyes, and hear more clearly with our ears, but we can’t enter another person’s brain, body and spirit.

In blog post number 27 I mentioned the wonderful Dementia Australia training course named EDIE – Educational Dementia Immersive Experience. Having done it last year, I can highly recommend it to you.

This afternoon I came across an English TV clip that shows the work of Dementia Australia in their Virtual Reality and Computer games. The clip definitely shows how both of these technologies bring a positive change to people’s lives. I was delighted to see that it includes the EDIE experience.

So, here’s a teaser for EDIE:


It is my hope and prayer that such technology may help many more people, whether or not they live with dementia, to see and to hear – remembering that the Lord who made our eyes and ears also sees and hears with us.

With blessings,

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