18. Blessing the children

And he took the children in his arms, placed his hands on them and blessed them. (Mark 10:16 NIV).


One of the saddest aspects of being an Aged Care Chaplain is that some families rarely visit their mother or father who is living with dementia. Sometimes the families stop visiting altogether. Families include adult children, and of course grandchildren (and great-grandchildren).

There are many reasons why families don’t visit, but one of them is a lack of understanding of dementia. We all need to be educated.

It is only in recent years that effort has been put into educating people about Younger Onset Dementia – a diagnosis of dementia when the person is under 65. This is particularly difficult when the person is a parent with younger children. How can we educate these, and other, children?

In a past issue of the Alzheimer’s Australia (now Dementia Australia) magazine In Touch I came across the following book review:

Blog 18 - This is my family

This Is My Family
This is a children’s book for kids with a parent with younger onset dementia. Jack is 13 years old. He lives with his Dad, his Mum, his sister Amy and his dog Sam.

Dad has dementia. Something isn’t right in daddy’s brain and Jack can help him to do things.  This kids’ book tells the story of Jack whose father lives with younger onset dementia.

An engaging tale for any child who knows a younger adult with dementia, it has been written by dementia care specialists, Barbara Chambers and Karen Harborow, with characters by renowned children’s animator Eddie Mort.

Having purchased and read the book I cannot recommend it highly enough. It is truly an “engaging tale” which is beautifully written and illustrated. Add it to your library today!

With blessings,

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